Whatever the obstacles, we can help you with the skills and confidence to succeed

Our Philosophy...

Be Brave, Explore, Discover...

Everything is learnable. If someone else can do it, so can you. When you approach learning with the right attitude the possibilities are endless.

The problem is many people do something different. They start with the thought: "I can't" or "this'll be difficult" or "what’s the quickest way". They may not even try at all, previous attempts failed so why bother, i'm just not that type of person.

This type of thinking leads to you getting stuck or reaching some kind of ceiling. Its hard to breakthrough when you think that personality is fixed and that being good at one thing precludes you being good at something else.

Thats why our learning experiences focus on both the insights and the self‑belief necessary to develop your skills, as well as a support process to make sure you get the results you want.

We're ideally suited to help ambitious professionals and tech entrepreneurs who've come to realise that being busy doesn't get them what they truly want.

Skill Stacking - the art of mastering supporting skills

Unless you're a hermit, the results you get are determined by the way other supporting skills enhance your job role skills. We call this Skill Stacking. We have discovered that many skilled professionals unwittingly make the mistake of overlooking these skills as they spend precious learning time solely on their main job skills which is their passion. This eventually creates a ceiling to their value and what can be achieved.

Most people reach the limit of their beliefs...
well before they reach the limit of their talent!
Jeff Pettitt

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We also create unique learning experiences tailored to the individual needs of your organisation. Contact us for an informal chat.

Personalised Programmes
Mindset, Productivity, People Skills

So maybe you're stuck, frustrated, or dissapointed?
need bit of help coping with a change, want to fast track your career, want help adjusting to entreprenerial life?

Tutoring Primary School Age
Growing Confidence & Managing Anxiety

So maybe you're lacking confidence with maths? or really anxious about those all important exams? or need some help as a Parent to cope with difficult times?

The Dream Manager Programme
How to Live the Life of Your Dreams

A structured personal development programme for those who want a fulfilling life; also a great solution for organisations who want better employee engagement

Overcome Seemingly Impossible Obstacles

If only it wasnt so! Why is life full of problems? Are you frustrated by spending precious time and energy sorting out problems you wish never existed? This short workshop is designed to make you aware of five simple tricks that make it easier to solve frustrating problems, giving you back more time to the things you want.

How to Fix the Flaws in Your Business

Unless you've run a business before its easy to be busy with the wrong things, each month never quite as you want it. Working harder is not the answer.
This short workshop makes you aware of key factors required for happy profitable business and reveals whats getting in the way of your success.

5 Simple Steps to Monetise a Great Idea

Before you get carried away with that idea - stop! Are your sure you are building something that will sell?
Our simple "Five Step How To" process eliminates... More details...

Learn from other people's mistakes. Life is too short to make them all yourself.
Sam Leveson

In Summary, We Specialise in...

Intensive learning experiences that reveal to you the missing insights, adjust your mindset on how to acquire and master the skills that you believe are beyond you; or maybe you're almost there but frustratingly its a continuous struggle to get the results you want.

In essence we help you discover a way to learn the stuff you find difficult. Life is always easier with someone guiding and encouraging you. Contact us.

Mentoring programmes that provide practical guidance in using the skills and mastering the skills in real life situations - the essence of real learning. We do this 1:1 or in groups which benefits from sharing the learning with others.

This can take the form of master classes which run over a short period, say three months; or can be a longer period as we support and help you with longer term ambitions. The choice is yours. Contact us to find out more.

Do it for you! Sometimes you need an experienced person to do the stuff for you. Its either too critically important that having a go or learning how to do it yourself is not the right option; maybe its not your thing, you just hate the thought of doing it and wish there was someone you can delegate it to.

We have an extensive "black book" of specialists we trust. They are all veterans with the experience you need. It may feel like an expensive option but sometimes its wise in the long run to invest in professional help;
contact us and lets talk through the options, you can decide what's best.

Being aware of your fear is smart. Overcoming it is the mark of a successful person.
Seth Godin

Our Big Dream Projects...

Here are some of our ambitious Big Dream Projects that we're working on. Like all big dreams, it is only possible when people who share your passion join in and collaborator in some way.

If you think its a great idea click on the 'Great Idea - Like it!' button; we'll keep you informed, share the ups and downs of our adventure and when when we have opportunities for you to help, we'll let you know.

Natter Business Breakfast Club

No pitching! or swapping sales leads! What’s the point of that?

At the end of busy week enjoy a leisurely breakfast and meaningful conversations with like-minded business owners/entrepreneurs to lift your resolve and give you a bit of respite from the attritional element of having your own business.

It might spark an idea to do something different or solve a frustrating problem that appears impossible but the solution is obvious to someone else with their different viewpoint.

Retire Early - What Would You Do?

Retirement means many things to many people, it used to mean stop working. For some it still does.

We suggest a new meaning, it simple means stop and move on to do something else that’s your passion, maybe run your own business. But that can be difficult, and scary.

So lets teach everyone how to be a Social Entrepreneur, how to manage the risk and how to achieve seemingly impossible goals. People then have a choice: create your own startup or collaboarte with someone else.

Maths Confidence - It Matters

What would happen if every child was good at Maths? Not possible? We believe it is, and its worth striving for.

There are so many social myths around Maths that get in the way of learning. The tough bit with Maths is you cannot fake it, its a right or wrong answer. Thats scary for some children.

Our experience has shown that its these emotions that are the real problem. Teach children some mindset skills that make maths less scary, they can then focus on the learning and get consistently high scores.

The People API

Tech people find it difficult to share ideas with non-tech people; tech people are highly logical, non-tech people are frustratingly illogical.

Collaboration between different types of people is the only way to make big ideas happen. So whats the answer?

Turns out there is a pattern to the illogical nature of non-tech people, its "emotional logic" which has a different paradigm from "computer logic".

The People API - the puzzle of how people communicate defined.
Enjoy failure and you’ll learn from it. You can never learn from success.
James Dyson, Inventor/Entrepreneur

"Success - the ability to live your life the way you want to live it, doing what you most enjoy,
surrounded by people who you admire and respect."

Brian Tracy, International Leadership Coach and Trainer.